Videeco is a word that comes from the mashup of three other terms: visual, design and communication. but this isn’t all folks, Videeco has inside it also the terms “idee” which comes from the plural of the word idea in my native language (italian) and the word “eco”.

All of this words have a concrete meaning to me, ideas for sure means the most, as the company motto is:

“Every idea is useless if it can’t be expressed”.

My mission while building this company was to help people to express their selfs, actually on the web side, but even on everything that relates to marketing. So this comes trough design, visual and communication.

Communication is the main issue in the 21th century world. I’ve been exploring communication on every side, and every time I found out that there is always something new coming at the horizon, while the rules to a good communication remain a constant despite the new technologies to come.

That’s what I love, that’s what I’m doing: exploring and developing the communication alongside with my clients.



Visual because we know that the most important and strongest part of the communication is visual, as visual memory is the one that last the most.


Desing because we love it when a plan comes togheter. We plan, we rule, we design you communication…




Because communication always comes last, we think before we speak even if we think real quick. How does it sounds?

Don’t be shy have a chat with us about your Ideas!