Guest Post: Verify Plugins Safety

Since this July I will be writing guest posts on Gestione WP a prestigious Italian website about WordPress. The main topic of my posts will be as usual safety and security over web sites, especially about WP. The language will be my native language, Italian. Even if here I usually write in english, for both passion and exercise, I know that the most of my followers are still of course Italians.

So, enjoy,

Gestione WP: Verifica: Plugin Sicurezza


We are looking for CoWorkers (Web Content Editor)

Videeco's logo espresso

We are looking for coworkers to help us with our projects. Contact us if you are intrested.

What are we aiming to:

  • A coworker, not an employee (sorry we are a group of associated freelancers, we like to share responsibilities);
  • A person, who can read english, who can deal with content management in WordPress and Magento and who can speak on the phone with clients;
  • A student, (yes we still study every day) who is willing to learn;
  • Photoshop, Illustrator and similar (Gravit, Canva and more) we use them to create contents and layout, and we need someone who can handle that software.

What we offer:

  • Money, the right amount, depending on your quote and your work;
  • A nice, cozy and funny working environment at Coworking Cittadellarte;
  • Experience, you will work with experienced people who are willing to share and teach (that’s not because we are kind, but because we need you to help us).

Siamo alla ricerca di collaboratori.

A cosa puntiamo:

  • Ad un collaboratore (Siamo un gruppo di professionisti associati, ci piace condividere le responsabilità);
  • Ad una persona che sappia leggere l’inglese, gestire i contenuti all’interno di un WordPress o di un Magento e che non abbia problemi a parlare con i clienti al telefono;
  • Ad uno studente, (proprio così, noi studiamo ancora oggi tutti i giorni) che sia interessato ad imparare;
  • Photoshop ed Illustrator, li utilizziamo per smontare e rimontare i siti web, cerchiamo qualcuno che non abbia problemi ad affrontarli con 

Cosa offriamo:

  • Denaro, nella giusta quantità, a seconda del tuo preventivo e del tuo lavoro;
  • Un ambiente di lavoro confortevole e divertente nel Coworking di Cittadellarte;
  • Esperienza, lavorerai con persone che vogliono condividere ed insegnare (non perché siamo bravi e gentili, ma perché abbiamo la necessità che tu ci possa aiutare)

The Fifth Law: Ask for help | Zen and the Art of website Maintenance

Dads, proudly refusing to ask for directions since 1845

5. Ask for help.

Ask for help man, it’s awkward, especially if you pretended to be the expert in some way before, but in the end it’s the short way.

But where to ask for help? Anywhere! You can get inspired by anyone while solving a problem, it’s not mandatory to ask an expert. It’s like going for a trip in a place you don’t know (like, let’s say Rome), you never know if the guy you are about to ask for directions is someway an expert or a tourist like you, you also don’t know if he even speaks your language, but you ask for help anyway. Why do you ask?

  1. Because else your girlfriend (client) would screw you, as you’re looking totally dumb going up and forth without achieving nothing at all.
  2. Because even if the guy is not an expert maybe he have seen a sign that you missed.
  3. (Plus) Asking for help is always free and if the guy it’s not an authorized guide he also won’t charge you, if he is, well you will learn a lot of things, that’s sure.

Get rid of your pride and ask. I’m not the first one saying this but I felt that it was important.

See you next time,


The Fourth Law: Working Around | Zen and the Art of website Maintenance

DR 600 '89

First, I have to admit that this blog super “Zen” serie is something I make for my own interest. It still happens that this laws are a bit unordered in my mind so writing them down helps me a lot finding my “Zen” way out of problems.

Second, I’m glad to tell you that finally I bought a motor bike, an old and classy enduro bike, date of matriculation: 17th February ’89, this date kicked me hard when I read it on the papers, but in the end this “Date with destiny” was the trigger to my decision. The bike’s engine works like a charm, but there are still a lot of fixes and improvements to make. So wish me luck and to be able to follow my own “jokey laws”.

The last week I spoke about keeping the move going, it’s good for your mental health. So now lets say that you had your break, a little pause to the “game of the fixes” that now have to end. What to do next?

4. Work around.

Working around is like improvisation, it requires practice and attitude.

The Third Law: Dynamism | Zen and the Art of website Maintenance

Solar System Dynamics

The third rule is all about dynamism.

Don’t stare at me with that look, I’m not your life coach and I know it sounds really obvious.

Also, I know that in the previous post I promised you that the third law would have talked about “working around stuff”, but after a week I’ve changed my mind and I’ve decided that this topic should come first. That’s because dynamism have always been very important to me, it saved me from many headaches.

Cool off anyway, I’m no sportsman, so I’m not talking about physical exercise, listen up:

3. Keep moving.

Very simple, no?

The second law: prevention | Zen and the Art of website Maintenance

Prevention: one apple a day.

We’ve already talked about the first law, learning trough errors, build up experience!

The second law, comes as a consequence of my really long experience in making mistakes. That’s it, really long!

The second law states about prevention:

2. Don’t create the problem

There are many creative and, more or less, funny ways to create a problem:

  • The one I hate the most is related to promising something you can’t achieve. There are limits, technology limits, human limits or time related limits, do not promise stuff beyond these limits, you are adding a problem to a problem. Do not promise things you can’t achieve! Never!
  • The most creative way to generate a problem is trying to make things differently even when in the end you are making things more complicated. If it works well maybe its the right time to spend your energy and you efforts on something else. If wheels have always been round there is a reason, do not try to change the way they works if they are already simple to make.
  • The least creative way is letting things happen, being idle, while the world changes. The world changes fast, the web even faster, try not to be lazy on that update that you have to make on the server, if you let it be you know what is going to happen next: performance loss, crashes, ecc. Problems you didn’t need.

Zen and the Art of Websites Maintenance

A long time ago, when I was fourteen my dad gifted me with a book: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

I was very young and now as it always happens to me: the memories of the story inside the book are slowly fading away and mixing whit my own experience, but this book is still something I’m really bonded to and you’re going to know why reading trough.

To be honest my experience with motorcycles lacks of exciting maintenance stories but, on the other hand speaking of websites I have much much more to tell.

Fixing websites is my work and my own way to feel that kind of pleasure that only the solution of an hard equation would give.