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The Fifth Law: Ask for help | Zen and the Art of website Maintenance

5. Ask for help.

Ask for help man, it’s awkward, especially if you pretended to be the expert in some way before, but in the end it’s the short way.

But where to ask for help? Anywhere! You can get inspired by anyone while solving a problem, it’s not mandatory to ask an expert. It’s like going for a trip in a place you don’t know (like, let’s say Rome), you never know if the guy you are about to ask for directions is someway an expert or a tourist like you, you also don’t know if he even speaks your language, but you ask for help anyway. Why do you ask?

  1. Because else your girlfriend (client) would screw you, as you’re looking totally dumb going up and forth without achieving nothing at all.
  2. Because even if the guy is not an expert maybe he have seen a sign that you missed.
  3. (Plus) Asking for help is always free and if the guy it’s not an authorized guide he also won’t charge you, if he is, well you will learn a lot of things, that’s sure.

Get rid of your pride and ask. I’m not the first one saying this but I felt that it was important.

See you next time,


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