Are this Block Builders so bad?

Graphics designers do not like them, Developers too, that’s because this kind of tools are hybrids.

Between a graphic design tool and a coding one, this block builders are the response to the ever growing market of website builders Saas.

That’s the trend at the moment and I’m happy that wp also took this direction.

I wanted to use Elementor for more than a year before I felt confident enough to express an opinion. This is a tool that when is not properly configured can give you a lot troubles with performance and compatibility.

With the proper setup instead it can really become:

The best tool for a UX designer

Elementor can be a design tool that goes beyond prototyping, it gives you a live website developed visually, but following already all the rules required to be in a web browser.

Here there is a video of a design to staging conversion that I made with Elementor:

Thanks to Stefano Perazza for the music track

The conversion took in total 2 hours, not every step was easy to find. So again if need the normal speed video I’ll be happy to provide it.

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